Dry Kilns

Woodland Parts & Service is proud to be the exclusive dealer for Muhlbock Drying Technology in the south east. Through this partnership, we are able to offer you a wide range of dry kilns and dryers for a variety of demands. As a dealer, we will provide you with local customer service making it even easier to do business with a premium European drying vender like Muhlbock. Please contact us for information leading to your custom proposal.

Woodland Parts provides kiln cart and weight plate fabrication to your individual specifications. If you are in the process of installing a new kiln, we would encourage you to compare us to your kiln provider to determine if you are receiving the best quality and price for this portion of your project.

We also offer a variety of replacement wearparts to keep your lumber moving through the drying process. We can provide you with kiln rail in both standard and stainless steel, non-shrink grout, and pusher cart wheels as your needs arise. Woodland Parts inventories a number of different kiln wheels, axles, and bushings to expedite delivery for your more common demands. If we do not have the wheel or axle that you need in stock, we can provide you with a custom order in a reasonable time frame.


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